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Cologne, Germany

Electronica, House

LAD Publishing & Records
Soulchild Beatport


The Greek by birth Sevasti Tsaoussidou aka SoulChild started her musical Education in the Age of 7,where she learned at the John Deyers Scool of Music Arts in Germany,Piano & Guitar and also the Theoretical Education in all Music Areas.Started with Classic thought to Rock and Rhythem & Blues,she got her Degree after 8 Years. 1996 she left Germany with direction Thessaloniki-Greece,where she started her Studies in Economics with second study area,Phychology. There,with the Greek Nightlife, she comes in touch with Electronic Music and decides to live her new Passion,behind the Decks and started Djing and mixing by herself.2 Years later,with continued practice,she received a positive feedback from a German BookinG Agency based in Berlin-Styxx Agency-and she signed a exclusic Worldwide Contract.Till middle of the Year 2000,she taking herself into a mucical Hourney that has taken her to the four corners of the globe,besides international Dj s,major Clubs and the biggest Festivals. Her funky,sexy and most of all freaky mixstyle brings her closer 2001 to Ministry of Sound Radio in London,where her Mixshow MOS Direct presents once in a week,new music stuff and releases.For more then 1 Year she working and live there and started to make her own Producies. In the same Year MOS EXpress Show presents Exclusiv for the First time her 1st Procution Single….Loving You….in combination with a 45min. exclusivmixtape,and also a Live Interview and she promoted herself with a huge feedback and success.Dj Sizes like Sandy Rivera,Bob Sinclair, Deep Dish to mention some,had her Promo Song under there Top 10 Listings for over 10 Weeks. Back 2003 in Thessaloniki-Greece,she opening her own Dj Booking Agency and promoted herself besides Worldwide International Dj..s.She organised Dj Bookings,special fashionsshows,Worldwide Tours & Festivals. Till beginning of 2006, where she closed the Agency and taken a new Destination-GERMANY.There she worked on her new Productions,her second Longplayer and her own Fashion Agency,based in Cologne City-Germany. SOME REMIX REFERENCIES : 1.GORILLAZ – 19-2000 (SoulChild Remix) 2.MOLOKOTHE TIME IS NOW (Soul..s 2008 Re-Edit Remix) 3.MADONNAMUSIC 4.DEPECHE MODEPERSONAL JESUS (Crush inside Music Remix) COMING SOON 2008 : DEFECTEDBEST OF CLASSICSREMIXED by SoulChild