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With over 2 decades of experience, Brendan Soul-T has become a pioneer of dance music & club & rave culture. Beginning in the commercial dance scene @ a very young age, Soul-T played @ the best parties & venues, continuously proving himself to be considered amongst the best. He went on to win a number of dj mixing/scratching competitions, 1 of which resulted in a full time dj contract @ a Queensland ‘Super Club’. 1 & half years later by popular demand Soul-T was contracted back to his home state of Victoria. Broadcasting weekly live sets & frequent radio interviews, Soul-T continued to rock the scene until the year 2000 when the next step in his career became evident. No longer content playing commercial music to commercial crowds, Soul-T’s long love for underground HARD DANCE, HARD TRANCE & HARD STYLE surfaced & matured, changing his whole musical direction. Not long after, Soul-T introduced PHD PURE HARD DANCE to the rave scene as a weekly Saturday day club. PHD to date is a successful brand name & trademark as well as an institution for day clubbers local, national & international djs alike. Soul-T toured Malaysia in October 2005 for the first time @ what was regarded as one of Malaysia’s biggest dance party events of the year & has frequently toured Malaysia since. Soul-T has also worked closely with bigger events both with & without the PHD branding & has since played events such as Advent*jah, Two Tribes, War Of The Worlds, NRG 6 & 7, Sunshine People, G.O.D, Digital, Redline, Ascension, Pharmacy, Transmission, Slinky, God’s Kitchen, PHD Pyjama Party & many more, in fact you can guarantee Soul-T will be included in all the big & small Melbourne events, including local residencies @ Hard Kandy, Trauma, 3D, PHD, Xsive, BPM, Elevation, Tuned & Duel& regular appearances @ Bass Australia, Reactive & Connect & many more. Soul-T has played along such names as Paul Van Dyke, Carl Cox, Kan Cold, Proteus, Anne Savage, Macey, Phil Reynolds, James Lawson, Kai Tracid, Lee Haslem, Steve Maurano, Organ Donors, Dumonde, Dave Joy, Jk Walker, Yves Deruyter, Tom Wax, Mirko Millano, Charlotte Birch, Steve Hill, A*S*Y*S, Walt, Derb & Showtek to name a few. Soul-T has also toured the UK playing Torque events, Warped & The Crown. Soul-T has also thrown his hat into the production circle producing tracks yet to be released & plans to produce once again very soon. With all of this & more happening, it’s no wonder Soul-T is regarded as one of the busiest but down to Earth dj/producer/promoters in Melbourne, & does not show any signs of slowing down either.

Soul-T, Rocking a dance floor near you soon.