Soul Heaven Beatport


DJ,Producer,Remixer,Promoter. Music is my passion,my soul, and my life. I started dj when i was 12yrs old in the bronx (Bedford Park) and my father was a singer for more than 20 yrs. I learn from him not as dj but a playing guitar and a singer. He was a passion man dedicated the music. I began to spinning in a Pentecostal Church in the mid 89-90’s and the first mix cd i here is DJ Scott Blackwell one of the best dj in nyc join by Little Louie Vega, Todd Terry and few other. I here so much about house and the way it was made good. I Stop sping Christian House in 2000 that was my last one to spin in a community Coffee House in the Bronx. I always love different types of House but now i start doing my own thing do Gospel House and other types of music. In 2003-2004 I met a Man name Randy Anderson and he introdu. so many artist from Kenny “Dope” Gonzalez to Jeannie Hopper to Arnold Jarvis. There are so many diiferent people to met and see at the club, records shops and handout spots. Doing that that i began to join a opening set with Deepsoulful plus with Jay Smoove, Rondey BX,Feelingz,and [email protected] in Brooklyn, NY Then do a first time radio broadcast 93.9 a Gospel Radio station base in Bushwick,BK and a guest internet show Downshiftradio with DSH+with Jay and Rondey Bx. Also I start Promotion in my local church doing Fine Arts Festival just like a talent show different from clubs. When i stop going to church my mind to start promo with one of the best promo Rob Productions with Tony Humphries it was a successful then I start working with Dawn Anesta, Tony Morris and Jorge Mansilla with Soulfire was back and fort lol it was a crazy party and but last DJ Jus-ed.Now the days go by i did to resients gig at rendvous in Times Sq to Downshiftradio Guest DJ to Leopard Lounge at sinsin lounge my mission continue on.