Top 25k on The DJ List

So Ul D Es Io N

San Antonio, United States

Progressive House, Trance


From time to time in each music genre, artists turn up who manage to stir up the scene and thrill the audiences. On the United States dance scene, DJ SoUL dEsIoN is without a doubt an example of this type of producer and artist. But what makes DJ SoUL dEsIoN so different from all of the other djs? What has shaped his style? He delivers Trance Energy songs with melancholic hooks and wonderful harmonious, smooth and relaxed sounds that carry you away and then when u know it BAM with his Hard Dance Hard Trance Style till where your like WHAT IS GOING ON IN MY HEAD?

SoUL has repeatedly laid milestones in modern club music. While many struggle throughout their careers, SoUL immediately went into overdrive with his first Mixed Cd Hardstlyle Dreams, which reached the top of the Texas charts in 2002 and brought his music to all continents of the state. His new Mix Cd “Trance is a Dream”, sees SoUL change his sound again completely from Hardstyle to Trance, but still characteristically remain DJ SoUL dEsIoN, “the CD is probably one of the best cds Ive heard and we are going to greatly try to publish in the UK to see how it will go there”, says Mr. Little of JTL Productionz. Has even impressed Hollywood as “Out of this World”.

Now you will understand the real purpose behind DJ SoUL dEsIoNs way of making and living music. The melancholic and spherical beats, combined with charismatic female vocals, create an environment where your mind can drift away or pound on the floor while u stomp your feet.

At 24 years old he has been spinning trance/hard trance for years now. SoUL has played for thousands of people at dozens of large events and clubs. Playing in these environments has earned him spots alongside DJs and performers such as Armin Van Buuren, Dave Ralph, Dj Scott Project, DJ Tiesto, George Acosta, among many others. All appearances have been very successful, and he has become a Southern-scene favorite among hundreds of competing trance DJ’s. Now in Europe DJ SoUL dEsIoN has brighten the European Trance Style which caugh people by surprised. We will see more of him there.

You can also see how important DJ SoUL dEsIoNs. “Trance De LAmour” is a concept mix CD. A CD that you can listen to in one go without taking a break, on which the individual tracks are connected via intros and outros to form a complex, intense musical experience. Listeners are immediately carried along and caught under DJ SoUL dEsIoNs spell. Music is SoULs ecstasy and you can sense that throughout the album. DJ SoUL dEsIoN told us about his obsession on his last album “Trance is a Dream” and thankfully he has not decided to look for a cure yet. In the days of cassettes, this album would have been chewed up due to overplay.