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Soul Button

Berlin, Germany


Steyoyoke, Underground Audio
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Since giving birth to Steyoyoke a little over 2 years ago, Soul Button has spent a lot of quality time breathing life into this label. As the heart and soul of Steyoyoke, his producing skills make him a pioneer and an innovator of sound. He is consistently exploring new ideas and expanding his own personal projects. As an artist in todays industry it’s safe to say that both his music and persona, go totally against the grain.

Free from conformity, expectation or image limitations, he is empowered by his unique ability to remain anonymous. Wanting people to connect to the music instead of a face has earned him great support, loyal followers and admiration from other like minded artists.

Keeping the fans close to his heart and constantly recognising their importance to him, is another attribute that adds to the strong relationship he has with his followers. His music is real, honest and genuine and often it’s the love he has for his supporters, that helps feed his creative inspiration.

He has a unique production style that carries a signature quality to it, which enhances his sound and keeps him pushing boundaries. Soul Button’s musical groove ranges from melodic deep house with rolling soundscapes, to smooth percussive beats and chunky tech house.

Having achieved success with many releases to date, it’s no surprise to see Soul Button’s international exposure sky rocket and his budding career develop into many positive directions.

‘Shadows’ was his first EP for Steyoyoke back in 2012, ‘In My Stride’ is definitely worth a mention as it still receives a great amount of attention, ‘Play Again’ was another massive EP and more recently, ‘Swift Minds’, which has gained recognition from many high profile artists. ‘Inner Symphony’ is his latest personal project and next up is the ‘Chasing Thoughts’ EP with Talul.

With his sights set well into the future, Soul Button is also working hard on his live set preparations, which shall make a debut appearance at the next big festival. 2014 is shaping up to be next level.