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Soukaina Garnati

Casablanca, Morocco


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Djs not only means men, but women”

Soukaina Garnati (aka soukitta)born in 1990 Morocco Casablanca city started her dj experience in her teens, watching her boyfriends spin at their studios, parties or clubs. She was so magnetized by this new world that in a short time she began to mix and build up her own studio.

“I discovered a strong love for music when I was about five, at the beginning of the Eighties listening to my mum’s vinyl and cassettes. When I was 8 I began “mixing” with cassettes, adding sounds noises and voices, in between songs she said reminiscing.

In 1992 she discovered an innovative and avant-garde new sound in casablanca. She traveled there a lot, cultivating each time she went there a growing fascination for that marvelous city.

In 2000 she decided to move there indefinitely, which turned into three years. She used to live with friends that shared the same passion. Her London home was more like a studio than a flat, living with other two djs and a producer." We had MACs, PCs a midiboard, mixers, vinyl decks, cd players, cd burners and a huge mountain of vinyl.