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France has supplied us with a number of leading figures that still dominate in the current boom of electronic dance music. Growing up seeing success in his native France, a budding Sonny Zamolo was clear about his path ahead. It became obvious early on that Sonny had a talent that the world needed to hear about . Discovered in 2007 by Pete Tong as Nonoms Light, the artistic and eccentric musician es- tablished himself as one to watch when his heavyweight pro-ductions were picked up by the BBC Radio 1 legend.

Between 2007 and 2011, while under the name of Nonoms Light, you’d have found his music on a library of world-leading labels including EMI, Emotive Sounds, Dirty Stuff Records, 17:44 and System Recordings. He quickly emerged as a leading figure in Paris bustling music scene and beyond. As a DJ he took his work on the road touring through Paris biggest clubs of the moment as Red Light, Mix Club, Elysée Mont- martre, Folie’s Pigalle, on the French Rivera and in China. It was becoming clear that Sonny had a talent that was in demand and that his chosen career path was a de- cision well made.

After a short break Sonny is back, with his new alias, doing what he does best – making dance floors move to the sound of his music. He wasted no time getting reunited with the Beatport Top 100 and with recent projects on Monochrome Music, Gramma Rec and Nueva Digital, he’s making better music than ever and his releases are being felt in every corner of the earth.

He is also working with worldwide famous artists as Criminal Vibes, Ron Carroll, Andre Sobota, or the singer Inaya Day. Sonny’s tracks have been supported by prevalent DJs such as Pete Tong, Above & Beyond, Robbie Rivera, Jesse Voorn, Milk & Sugar, Cosmic Funk, Agent Greg, Peter Brown, Jerry Ropero, Markus Schulz, Lahox and many others.

Now a resident of G One Radio, you can hear Sonny every week and with a whole lot more lined up for 2014 – it’s going to be an exciting new chapter in the career of one of France’s fastest growing electronic music talents.

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