Location: Bucharest, Romania Romania
Labels: Cat Music, Red Clover


Language: English

Sonny Flame was born on September 30 1986 in Ploiesti, Romania.

While he was growing up, his musical predilection and vocal skills were noticed by his mother, who always saw in him a big potential.

He started to write lyrics and compose songs at the age of 15, into Rap / RNB style. Good things started to come out, when a good friend of him, said that he could greatly perform into reggae/dance hall vibes, because he has good technical skills into that direction.

His music being generally inspired from real life experience, the people reaction was very positive.

So, at the beginning of his reggae artist career, Sonny Flame made some collaborations with some of the greatest Romanian artists, like Wassabi (for ‘Lonely Girl’), Connect-R (for ‘Summer Days’), D.J Chris Mayer (for ‘Top Of The World’ and ‘Confused’), Morris (for ‘Havana Lover’), and most of these tracks kept the audience’s attention for a long time.

He thinks about himself that he came into the world to cultivate his role as a spiritual messenger through his music.



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