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Kempten, Germany

Minimal, Techno

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Sonic-T aka Sonic Tom has been active DJ in the club-scene for several years before being absent for a while to come back even stronger.

In his very early years he started playing and cutting with tape-decks on school-trips for a little crowd. When Sonic-T began to go out in clubs one thing was clear to him: I want to play and spin the records myself. So he organized his first small events with a small system to build up on playing until dawn on and on in his home-area…

Then the time came to catch up on his job-development which gave time for an education in gastronomy and stopped his musical affinity for a while.

Now back with his new pseudonym and a tiny change in his musical style as well as a new technical component he is spinning again always in attempt to mix new variations and styles. At the moment Sonic-T works on his own tracks and soon we will hear some output on his music-production.

When he plays as DJ his style varies between Progressive House, Minimal and Tech-House as well as Progressive, Goa and Techno Classics.



Dome / Lindau

Die Bank / München

TuneClub / Tuttlingen

SummerVibes GoIn / Obergünzburg

Club KW / Sonthofen

Partysan Allgäu Bustour Loveparade Berlin 2000

Partysan Allgäu Bustour Streetparade Zürich 2000

Chris Liebing / CLR – Frankfurt

Yaniv Tal / Hadshot Haheizar – München

Pappenheimer / Nightgen / Abfahrt Würzburg / Nature One

Marc Jerome / Everlasting Records

Thorsten Donath / Frankfurt

Paul Loraine / Soma, Four:Twenty, Vitalik

Tomes Technica / Datacut Records

Electric Impulse / Banja Luka – Bosnien