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Sonico (Techsound) / Bogota-Colombia. (Techno-Hard Techno) (dj / producer / technician sound engineer), Techsound Studio. Founder and manager of Techsound (label, musical collective, events, bookings, studio)

If you say the word techno in Colombia, you sure have to mention the name of Sonico.

His contribution to the electronic scene in his country comes from the button of effort and conviction of his beliefs, and in a good part, is his fault what is happening today with techno in this nation, that is: that Bogota is the South American capital of techno parties.

Born in a Latin jazz, salsa and 80`s music fan family, he became a music addict at early age. Grew up with experimental, 80`s, rock, glam, rave, industrial, and punk music, listening bands like Front 242, The Cure, B.R.A., Rage Against the Machine, NIN, Soda Stereo, Depeche Mode, Aphex Twin, The Clash, Pink Floyd, etc…

The year is 1994. Luis Vargas buys some simple home equipment such as a cd player, a mixer and a tape recorder while he was at school. With no previous knowledge as a dj, he improvises precarious mixes looking for a sound influenced basically by experimental music. After playing in his own little private ghetto parties for two years, he started the colonization all around. It was a hard time for his style because house was ruling the city and nobody was interested in his work.

In 1996 while he was studying business and social communication, he moved to another level, getting deeper in his music proposal and the technical aspect after consolidate a final impression concerning the sound he was looking for: techno induced by the minimalism of Jeff Mills, the Advent’s powerful strength and L.S.G.’s transcendental style. .The Techno colonization kept going little by little now at the small clubs in Bogota, then the big clubs, then some other cities, then the whole country, most of all in the after hours.

Founder of the Colombian principal techno crew Techsound, he is a former technician sound engineer that works at his home studio (Techsound studio).

The identity in his sound, which he considers fundamental, his aggressive, hard, fast and mental style, and the vanguard perception about music, have make him deserve a space in and outside his country besides worldwide representative artists from electronic music scene like last international presentation in New York at Tronic Treatment party (Christian Smith’s party) in new years eve 2004 at Sullivan room.

Even though actually he plays techno and hard techno, his musical knowledge embrace many concepts, that’s why as producer, he have several recent projects.

These projects are: as Sonico (techno, hard techno), Vargalu (breaks, electro), and D.C. Input(digital punk).

His actual set embraces his musical and social background, is inspired most of all in urban and social issues, including freestyle vocal riffs supported by hard grooves, subversive, fast and brutal hard ghetto style.

Sonico states: “I live in a Country that feeds me with a lot of what i need to influence my set, this is in a big, part what make me sympathize with the strapping sound of war and subversion is what fits the most with my personality, my experiences and my political ideas.”

Some of the most important artists that Sonico have played with are: Sven Vath, Kevin Saunderson, Umek, Marco Bailey, Cristian Varela, Valentino Kanzyani, Ben Sims, Prozac, Agent Orange, Patrik Skoog, Deetron, Allan Sommerville, Tom Hades, Derek Marin, Mhonolink, Oliver Ho, Space djz(Jamie Bismirre y Ben Long), Tim Xavier, Andreas Kramer, Bando, Andrei Morant, Gayle San, Jim Masters, Daz Sound, Dave Seaman and Dave Holland among others.