Son Of Sam Beatport



Submitted by Nayan

Son of Sam is one of a rare breed of DJs who is able to take the crowd from dark pounding Hard House to melodic uplifting Hard Trance to raw funky Techno without having them blink an eyelid, using layers of harmony and bass to keep their bodies moving to the music. This 26 year old Chicago native just burst onto the Los Angeles dance music scene less than a year ago and has already begun to prove himself worthy of LA’s respect and affection through his playful easygoing nature, flawless technical ability, and innate gift for “knowing” exactly what the people need and demand- each and every time. His style, skills, and selection are unsurpassable and unstoppable. His dedication, passion, and charisma make Son of Sam inescapable.

Son of Sam, or just Sam Burns, always hesitates when asked to categorize the type of music he plays because he doesn’t ever want to be confined by limits. Hard House, Hard Trance, NRG, and Techno are all seamlessly fused together in his sets with amazing dexterity and provide clubgoers with the ultimate musical journey, taking them up, down, and all around panting for more- they just can’t get enough. Son of Sam will take you through an electrifying fast-paced trip full of hard-driving bass and pure adrenaline fun; then throw in breathtaking melodies to move and elevate and a bit of dirty funky techno to stimulate. He offers what most DJs often forfeit when they play hard fast sets: freshness, substance, and a playful creativity.

Sam partied in the Chicago scene for several years before discovering his love and talent for spinning two years ago. Coached on his craft from two of Chi-town’s best, Psycho Bitch and Terri Bristol, and newly christened with his alter ego “ Son of Sam” (after the infamous serial killer’s endless drive and thirst), Sam promptly began to make a name for himself in a town full of established DJs. Having manned the decks regularly at many Chicago clubs including Crobar, Glo, and The Mission, Son of Sam now holds a highly-coveted residency at The Garage, joining ranks with the highly exclusive, highly respected group of LA’s Premier DJs. He is resident at XE Afterhours and is a popular favorite at notable LA clubs like Extreme and Orion. Drai’s and Spearmint Rhino Afterhours in Vegas, 4th & B of San Diego, scores of underground house parties- the list goes on and Son of Sam is not willing to stop here.

A true disc jockey, his passion for spinning lies in his sheer love and belief in the power of electronic music: a universal medium with the ability to reach out and touch people of all backgrounds and ages. This passion drives Son of Sam to work hard to hasten the day when he can play an active part in the most awe-inspiring facet of music: Creation. Fascinated with the effects a DJ has over the crowd, Sam is busily exploring his creativity in anticipation for the day when he and his “voice” too can be heard and enjoyed by music lovers everywhere. With rumbling basslines and mood-elevating melodies, Son of Sam has the artistic arsenal to provoke and arouse. With influences such as Paul Glazby, Tony De Vit, Weirdo and Champion Burns, he is currently immersing himself in production and expects the completion of his first track to be due in the summer.

Word has spread quickly about this ambitious and talented DJ. His unwavering passion for music, endless reserves of hard work and dedication, and truly spirited enthusiasm make it not surprising to see why Son of Sam is fast on the rise as one of LA’s top DJs. He is determined, hard- working, full of life and positive energy. Son of Sam is eager to leave his mark on the music industry. This DJ does not want you to rest.

“Don’t think because you haven’t heard [from me] that I was asleep. No, rather, I have always been here. Like a spirit roaming the night. Thirsty, hungry, seldom stopping to rest; anxious to please."

-David Berkowitz, aka “Son of Sam”