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Lima, Peru

Electronica, House

Digital Complex Records
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DJ Somiak or simply Somiak (born Stefan Rosales Obrzut, April 13, 1990) is a Peruvian DJ, producer and composer of electronic dance music.

He began his musical career in 2006. First, like a hobby, Somiak composed some tracks of trance and house music. Then, he was improving his sounds and he realized that music is his vocation.

In 2010, he produced his first official album “Peruvian Touch”, a mix of Andean sounds and electronic music. Influenced by artists like Tiesto, Safri Duo, George Acosta, Mauro Picotto, Robert Miles and Miki Gonzalez, he mixes trance and house beats with pan flute sounds in this album. The principal songs of this album are his performances of “El Condor Pasa” and “Virgenes del Sol”, two classic Peruvian folk compositions.

After that project, Somiak produced his second album “Do the Dance”, where he presented his basic trance and house styles. The singles from this album are “In Memoriam”, “Take a Chance”, “Clubbing”, “Bailando” and “More than Words”.

“In the Groove” is the third Somiak’s album. Totally a house music album, he released two singles, “Saxophunk” and “The Houser”. Here, he mixed saxophone and piano sounds, influenced by latin and funky rhythms.

In 2011, Somiak released “Peruvian Touch” on World Domination Records, and produced his fourth album “13”, returning to his trance style and improving his house style too. The album has a bit of electro house on some tracks.

“A Thing Called Love” is the fifth Somiak’s album. Now, focusing in French house, Somiak produced this album influenced by Daft Punk, especially by Thomas Bangalter.

In 2012, he produced “It’s Time to Change EP”, a mix of all his styles and touches. And released “French Touch” with Tropique Records, a tribute album for French house music, one of the main styles into Somiak’s repertory.

Actually, Somiak produced and released “Great Changes for a Better Place EP”, his last EP and released for free download.

And he is also working in new projects and making official remixes for Gaz Reynolds.

Other Somiak’s projects are his bootleg remixes of Daft Punk’s songs “Derezzed”, “Emotion”, “One More Time” and “Fresh”, other remixes of various artists and featured tracks. Releasing all his albums and remixes (except “Peruvian Touch”) for free download.

He featured a track with Canadian electro house producer JSun, “Bounce Beat”, released for free download in “Rise & Fall”, a JSun’s album.

Somiak also produces in a duo with Austrian electro and house producer Redkay.

Their first album is “Prologue” (World Domination Records), a mix of their first styles, based in trance, electro and house music.

As it is called, the album is a prologue of their work until they find their own and unique sound.

After that, they focus in French house, influenced by Daft Punk and Justice. They released a second album, “Blaze of Justice”, for free download.

Their last release is “Inferior Mainstream EP”, keeping the French touch, but adding harder atmospheres and heavy sounds.

At the same time, Somiak produced “El Cajon EP” with DJ Nash, a Peruvian tech house producer, releasing it on Detox Recordings.

Somiak also worked and produced three tracks with Peruvian house producer Bikendi. “Hell & Heaven EP”, their first release, is gonna be out on 4Disco Records soon…