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Solunamanalia is DJ / Producer Duo formed by hermanos talentos, “Takuma” and “Lyoma aka Syaraku” from Japan in October 2010. They are well know as DJs can spin extremely extensive genres of music as from JPLS on M_nus to Ramus Faber on Farplane and compile quality stuff with their seamless mixing make people feel the stream, flow and tales of sounds in the set.

This upcoming duo certainly have skills to make music extensively, deep house, tech house and some techno music. Since the first release have been released on Grouper Recordings, Solunamanalia has had numberless feedbacks from great djs and artists worldwide, Shur-i-kan, Dana Bergquist, Sebastian Davidson etc… Solunamanalia have already worked with some famous labels (Dutchie Music, Street King, The Sound Of Everything Deep) and highly reputed by over 90 countries DJs, radios, (Proton, Tunnel FM and locals) active in the forefront of the scene. Furthermore, Solunamanalia have been getting together with some upcoming label all over the world.

There is no reason to make your eyes miss their productions.

::: Discography :::



Anemoi EP // Soul Deeparture Records

Ailunep EP // Aenaria Tribal

Midnight Drive EP // Aenaria Chill


Vous Etes EP // The Sound Of Everything Deep

Promised Land // Street King

If Thou Dost Love Me // The Sound Of Everything Deep

Rocbouquet EP // Bonzai Progressive

Klavierspielen // House Studio-R

Salvadore EP // Dutchie Music

Vous Etes // The Sound Of Everything


Ailunep // Aenaria Tribal

Nausithoe EP // Liquid Grooves

Montevideo // Logo Music Records

I House You // Beateater Dept.

Midnight Drive // Aenaria Music

Datura Metel // Retorica Recordings

Vamos Vamos EP // Bedroomrecords 09

The New Dawn, The New Day EP // Grouper Recordings



PanSil – Walking Through The Clouds (Solunamanalia Remix) // The Sound Of Everything Deep

Savvas – Fragile Thoughts (Solunamanalia Remix) // Moonrise Records

Cirque Bravo – You Need Somebody (Solunamanalia Remix) // Fly In A Jam Records

Mauro B & Gerard C – Cosmic Effect feat. Iris S (Solunamanalia Redub) // Perception Music

BiG AL – Goin’ Up (Solunamanalia’s Oriental Dub) // Fly In A Jam Records

Rishi K. – Birdsong (Solunamanalia’s Paradiso Dub) // Aenaria Chill


DJ AX – Duster (Solunamanalia’s Tropical Disco Touch) // Dutchie Music

Allan Zax – Green (Solunamanalia Remix) // Grouper Recordings

Thanos Kous – Green Island (Solunamanalia’s Shepherds Dub) // Stigma Recordings

Fathead Johnson – Hawaii 5-0 (Solunamanalia Remix) // Dutchie Music

Diego Alvez – Frgt.10 (Solunamanalia’s West End Deep Dub) // Eyepatch

Nick Devon – Home Late (Solunamanalia’s West End Deep Dub) // The Sound Of Everything Deep

BiG AL – Dancin (Solunamanalia’s East End Jazzy Touch) // Grouper Recordings

Brazilian Soul Crew – Eu Soul EP (Solunamanalia Remixes) // EchoDeluxe Recordings

Urban Ohmz – Rules Of Rotation (Solunamanalia’s East End Deep Dub) // EchoDeluxe Recordings

Trevor Lambert – Touch It (Solunamanalia’s Mile End Remix) // Lil Life Records


Andrew Chibale – Dancing Partners (Solunamanalia Remix) // Grouper Recordings

Metodi Hristov – The Sensei (Solunamanalia Remix) // Dutchie Music

Tracks appears on:


BiG AL – Goin’ Up (Solunamanalia’s Oriental Dub) // Fly In A Jam WMC 2013 // Fly In A Jam Records

Rocbouquet (Ehyun & S-pill Remix) // Fast Butts, Vol. 2 – Eternal Rules of Tech-House // Budenzauber


Rocbouquet (Original Mix) // VA. Bonzai Best of 2012 // Bonzai Progressive

Diego Alvez – Frgt.10 (Solunamanalia’s West End Deep Dub) // VA. My House Is Your House Vol.5 // Bonzai Progresive

Diego Alvez – Frgt.10 (Solunamanalia’s West End Deep Dub) // VA. Deep Worx Vol.4 // Eyepatch

Diego Alvez – Frgt.10 (Solunamanalia’s West End Deep Dub) // VA. Underground Identities Vol.10 // Wasabi Recordings

Rocbouquet (Ehyun & S-pill Remix) // VA. Tekhauzen Vol.5 // Bonzai Basics

BiG AL – Dancin (Solunamanalia’s East End Jazzy Touch) // Grouper Chowder Vol.6 // Grouper Recordings


Vamos Vamos (Audio dropout Remix) // Days of Summer // Bedroomrecords09

The New Dawn, The New Day (Original Mix) // Early Morning Sunlight // Grouper Recordings

Vamos Vamos (Original Mix) // VA. Bedroom 2011 Sampler A // Bedroomrecords09