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Jerusalem, Israel

Electro House, Psy-Trance

Electro Labs
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Solokkhz, otherwise known as Shlomo Man, is an electronic music artist, music producer and graduate of the Yohav Gera Sound Engineering Academy in Israel. He hails from the land of Jerusalem. As the owner and genius behind Electro Labs, a world class, multifaceted music label that focuses on electronic music, he represents artists from around the world.

He produces not only electronic dance music but also a wide range of genres. From electro house, tech house and techno to pop music, he produces and represents many types and styles of music. His motto: Create and produce the best music and sounds possible across a wide variety of music genres. Play, record, mix and master everything professionally.

As an electronic artist, Solokkhz puts his heart and soul into delivering the most dynamic and entrancing melodies. Solokkhz started his music production career at the you age of 13. Over his fifteen years of experience in the industry, he drew his inspiration from some of the most talented electronic artists that the industry has to offer. His captivating tracks, like “Spanning”, “Melodrama” and “Funny Like Me”, can be found on Beatport, The Electro Labs website and other locations on the internet.