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Solar System

Netanya, Israel


Sonesta Records
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Hailing from Israel, DJ Solar System (a.k.a. Lior Lahav) is a 10-year veteran of the trance scene. His improvised live sets and collab-orations with psy-trance giants have created some formidable heft for the innovative DJ.

Voted one of the top 100 DJs by DJ Magazine in 2008, Solar System (aka Lior Lahav) has been making waves in the burgeoning psy-trance scene since he was just 18. Spinning his own brand of uplifting psy-trance, Lahav distances himself from other artists with his knack for melody and composition. While other DJs in the genre have tendencies to push the music into realms of the hardcore or dark variety, System combines the hypnotic, layered aspects of psy-trance with the moving and energizing melodies of traditional trance, creating a style all his own. Solar System has benefitted from his true fandom of electronic music. By maintaining a constant level of improvisation during each show.

Solar System is able to approach his live performances from the viewpoint of the fans, reacting directly to the crowd, rather than a predetermined song list. This method of heightened focus on the audience.

Solar System has dozens releases on prominent compilations such as; Back to the Future, Back Wish, S.U.N Project remixes II, K-Files, Goa 2005 Vol. 2, Buckle Up Vol 2, Electric Atmosphere, H.O.T Zone, Orientation Vol 2, Power On, Soulseeker Vol 3, Ticket to Goa Vol 5, New Visions,Wild Life – Surfing on Soundwaves, Open Air Vol. 4, Ohm Shanti, Vision One, Radioactivity Part 1, Radioactivity Part 2, Desert Dreaming and more.

Solar System has collaborated with other musicians and made remixes to The Prodigy, Infected Mushroom, Marcelo D2, Sun Project , Xerox & Illumination, X-Noize and Bambo Forest. but it was his 2008 album Private Selection that broke Lahav’s sound to the masses, earning him a spot in DJ Magazine’s Top 100 DJ’s.

His tracks have been released by major record labels such as; Spun, Psytropic, Yellow Sunshine Explosion, Midijum, Trancelucent, Alchemy, Vision quest, MP, Tribal, Point Zero , Magma, Substical, Utopia, Geomagnetic tv, Heart of Trance, darcu, Goa and Sonesta Records.

While the electronic world hungrily awaits his new album, Solar System seems to be perched and ready on the edge of a new chapter in his already illustrious career. With a global legion of followers, an upcoming album, and a vigorous tour schedule featuring massive shows throughout Central and South America as well as Europe and Asia.