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DJ Solano is a Trance Dance Producer/Remixer and DJ residing in the city of Utrecht. His music is described by many as high energy with melodic elements. Because of his passion for Trance music genres like soft, deep, uplifting and progressive, he chooses to produce all three styles. DJ Solano living in a town with a very small Trance Dance following, he is implementing creative ideas to demonstrate his skills and music to listeners around the globe. Since December 2009 DJ Solano started his own label Solano Recordings.

All tracks produced by DJ Solano will be released under the label Solano Recordings. Trance Dance Fusion is a new trademark and will replace the name Trance Music Experience. Compilation CD’s with tracks of DJ Solano will be released also under the name Trance Dance Fusion. Trance Dance Fusion will be also a booking agency for new and talented Trance DJ’s around the globe. Check back later for more information.

DJ Solano also hosts monthly 3 radio shows “DJ Solano – Trance Music Experience” on Trance.FM and Discover Trance Radio AWOT Radio Show. He spins there progressive, uplifting and energetic Trance Dance tracks. Since August 2010 DJ Solano also host Fuddle Dance Radio.