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DJ SOL’ style of music is greatly Latin based, and the sounds she exudes are deep, sexy and tribal. Having grown up in a Latino family, her musical influences saturate her sound with rhythm and percussion. Combining elements of Jazz, Latin Jazz, and Salsa, and mixing with vocals that are intensely sensual and passionate, DJ SOL still keeps within the lines of deep house. I have heard her throw in some oldskool jams that end her sets flawlessly. DJ SOL’ deep, sexy sounds are not easily defined, but most definitely classified as house. DJ SOL herself says that she feels through the music that she plays. She says, “I find myself relating to the music I get. If I’m not feeling the music one way or the other I don’t get it. If there is a hit that everyone is playing and I’m not feeling it I won’t get it, but don’t get me wrong, if there is a song that’ a hit and I’m feeling it I will get it.” Consistant residencies have never been a problem for DJ SOL, as she has amazing energy and is very focused on the music that she loves to generate. Her energy emanates in the four to six hour sets that DJ SOL is used to playing. DJ SOL admits, “I prefer playing four hour sets, depending on the setting!” Since her DJ career started, DJ SOL has had residencies at some of the most respected clubs. She played for over three and a half years for the best promoters in Seattle, Washington called Tasty Shows. She is currently resident DJ at Giant, Los Angeles and Giant, Las Vegas, with weekly gigs in San Francisco and Atlanta, as well as other cities. DJ SOL is now making her way into the production world and is going to be putting tracks out real soon, so watch out for the release at the winter music conference in Miami this March.