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Athens, Greece


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Softcore is Theodor G., born in Athens, Greece in September of 1977. He showed his interest in music at an early age by listening to various (and sometimes contradictional) genres of music (including classic rock, early punk, hard rock, rap, hip hop, new metal and early RnB) and later on by studying anything related to music, composition and production.

At schoolyears he took up guitar lessons which didnt last long because his dream always was to produce a complete music piece from scratch and not just playing an instrument!

Later on, the 90ies caught him partying and getting into the, what was then called, “rave scene”. Technological achievements were always his other passion and along with that he was always fascinated by digital forms of art!

So it only makes sense that nowadays, Theodor is creating his own musical pieces based on electronic-dance music with a mixture from old style house, new tech beats, minimalistic structures and dark atmospheres! He is considered by more than a few a “perfectionist” regarding the quality of the final production and he is well known for his almost obsessive attention to detail when it comes to sound engineering.

2009 finds Softcore more active than ever, having his tracks “Rokit” and “Immaculate” released, and at the start of 2010, he releases his debut EP, “Tamahagane” which gains support from many european established DJs. He also starts his own radio show in ViaSound Web Radio, a web radio station which includes many of today’s well established producers and DJs from Greece.

There is definitely more music planned to hit the dancefloors from Softcore in the near future, so stay tuned!!!