Top 50k on The DJ List

Socko The Remaker

Maracaibo, Venezuela

Progressive House


Socko, as every DJ of his time, started his interest in making vinyls at a very early stage in his life, when he discovers that by pinching them with the help of a couple record players and a mixer, he could achieve mixing his favorites songs, he takes on a challenge that passed from being a childhood game and pastime to what would become now days a career; a vinyl artist for 25 years in musical research, touch, empiricism and a great deal of patient have taken him to a point of balance, maturity and criteria of having the magic touch that makes honor and merit in his chronology and trajectory to those who listen to his live sessions and pay him back by surrendering themselves in the dance floor at his time effort in front of the disc play.

Since the late 70s, when disco fever was going strong in Venezuela at discos, clubs and lounges, Socko was already counting his vinyl collection and had that distinctive addiction for acquiring music that is innate of those addicts to this culture, with a bunch of friends and followers that witnessed his rise in this world, school world by then. Through out the years and into the 80s, he had the chance to become a professional when in 1.982 he was introduced as one of youngest DJ in Venezuela when he would get his first experience at a music player war by the age of twelve.

At the present he’s leading a DJ school with approximately 25 Students teaching its own way to mix.