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DJ Soch is an Italian DJ and producer, born in Foligno a small city of central Italy.

Since he was very young he was attracted by music, rhythms and percussions.

He started being interested in the art of mixing and in dance music in the middle 80s, considering the turntable his musical instrument.

He grow up listening to rap music, funky, electro, and he got close to house music at the end of 80s through a musical evolution, proposing his style in private parties. He started playing in clubs in 1992.

His passion in club culture is so strong that he started producing a magazine about young culture and music called MAG “moves and groves”, distributed in major Italian clubs and specialist shops.

In 1998 he became the testimonial DJ of Siemmens advertising campaign, called “be inspired”, of the famous mobile phone C25.

In his career he diversified his experiences. He worked as Musical consultant and DJ for several fashion companies among which Max & Co. and La Perla Group.

Now he is cooperating with Joe Montana, DJ and producer, (with him he made some tracks for Deep Touch Rec. Miami, US and Zenith Ibiza Rec., Ibiza) for new projects like onomusic (new label and radio program every Wednesday on orion1radio (web radio) and pop-panic (music productions and djset)

Dj Soch is an eclectic DJ and its hard to classify his style. He refuses to be labeled, because his sound is in continuous evolution.

According to him the dj set is as a work of art, and works of art change according to the emotional state.