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Naples, Italy

Tech House, Techno

Brood Audio, CODE, Cupido Records
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Antonello Cecere aka Snello was born in Naples in 1979.

At the age of 18 Snello began building his vinyl collection and playing in almost every local club in and around his home town. By performing in venues such as The Old River Park, Underground, Dreamer Club, Sanakura, Jamila, Mumu Frequencies, and even in some private parties around the city, he quickly began to build a name for himself.

As he delved into production a little while later he started to fine tune his skills and his style quickly began to take form. His signature sound has become a balanced mix of dark, sinister basslines, groovy percussions with a perfect blend of a minimalist falvor.

Snello continued to move forward while his productions gained an unstopable momentum in the Techno community with releases on Phobiq, Respekt Recordings, LCMTC, Brood, and Italo Business to name a few. With such releases he began to earn the support and respect of some of the biggest names in the industry such as Umek, The Advent, Secret Cinema, Spektre, Anderson Noise, and Tomy Declerque!

His talent for House and Techno is easy to recognize and his productions have given a voice to that passion and has become well known by all the partenopean dj’s like Marco Carola, Rino Cerrone, Danilo Vigorito, and Markantonio to name a few.

Snello’s powerful and exciting energy shines through with each production as well as his live performances, leaving his fans and global audience begging for more!

For 2011, there is no other direction for him to move in than straight up!