Snaz Beatport


Snaz also know in his civil life as Cighear Ciprian,was born and raise in Pecica(Arad) one of the largest village in Romania at that time.He was born on 18th of May 1988.

Music has been a part of his life since his early childhood years,his father’s love for music infected him two.At the age of 4-5 years he used to spend many hours in front of the stereo listening his father’s vinyl collection.

Few years later when he get bigger he discovered the taste for electronic music.This happens in the moment when he discovered Club Rotation Tv Show on Viva music chanel.That was all for him,since then nothing could stop him, so next day he started to buy tape cassettes with house music from the market and from music shops.He buy tape cassettes with artists and dj’s like: Azzido da bass,Scooter,Sterbinszky,Atb,Brooklyn Bounce,Chicane,Barcode Brothers,Paul Van Dyk,Paul Oakenfold and all the club rotation compilations.After he get his first PC and start to have access to the internet, he start to search for electronic-house music and about electronic-house music.Very soon he discovers the sound of progressive house,very appreciated in those days.He start to listen sets from:Sasha,John Digweed,Nick Warren,Deep Dish,Danny Tenaglia,Dave Seaman,Hernan Cattaneo,Steve Lawler,Anthony Pappa,Lee Buridge,Lee Combs,Marcus James.Paul Oakenfold,Hybrid.He was completely overwhelmed by the dj sets.

After he absorbes and get inspired by this dj’s he decided that it is time to start learn the basics of mixing using some softwares.He used Traktor Dj,Virtual Dj and MixVibes Pro but he remain at MixVibes Pro because in his opinion it was closer to reality because this program had JOG wheels.

In 2003 after he learn how to mix with this program,he starts to play at the local club and organise private partyes with his friends in different locations and entertaining them with his music.One year later he had the ocasion to play at a local house music festival called “Open Air House Party” organised by a good friend of his on the footbal field in Pecica.There he play at warm up for dj’s from Hungary:DJ Joer,DJ Limit,DJ Adrian,DJ Dub,DJ Stephanie,DJ Sylvie,DJ Budai.Dj Kuhl,Dj Dusan.

In 2004 or 2005 he went to the Black Sea with school camp where in a night he paid and asked the resident dj if he can play a bit at the end of the program.Few days later at 6 am Snaz was playing at that club,but from a bit he get to a long after party until 10 or 11 am,and then he expressed himself:

" I can be a real DJ,I want to be a DJ ".

Since then he worked very hard performing his skills.and until today he aceaved to play in almost all major clubs in Romania especially in the west side of the country.He playd in clubs such as:

Soho,Mooskea,Noise,Marquise,Nefertitti,Renaissance,Viva,Space,Studio One,Wings,Sahara,Chaos,The Stage,The Note,No Name,Zambara,Komodo,Youtopia,Setup Venue,Trend caffe,Divino caffe,Segafredo caffe,Juice caffe,Amnesia caffe,Heat,Bali,Pure,Green Pub,Heaven,Bazzara,Oscar and also at some private partyes.He was invited as a guest mix at some local and international radios, such as:

One.Fm,Vibe.Fm,Etn.Fm,Justmusic.Fm,Pure.Fm,Play.Fm, Logitune.Fm,Frisky Radio,Proton Radio,Tribalmixes Radio,Eilo Radio,enSonic.Fm…

In all these time he had the occasion to perform and show his skills in warm up, after hours and along side many dj’s.

To list all of them would be just too long,but some examples should definitely be mentioned.Some of them are:

Gerardo Boscarino,Jody Winsternoff,David K,Guy J,Kollektiv Turmstrasse,Mathew Dekay,Dave van N a.k.a Polarize,Lank Yvel&Tristan,Badgirls[Shabaam,James Cole,Patt Duff],Nima Gorji,Audiofly,Oliver mc Gregor,Sonique,Chriss Ronson,Miss Sunshine,Mirco Violi,Filipo Agnessi,Dandy,Marcus James,Steve Porter,Federico Epis,John Creamer,16b Lolitas, and also with all major dj’s from Romania: Kool,Pagal,Rosario Internullo,Nanook,Mihai Popoviciu,Jay Bliss,Adrian Eftimie,Optick,El Cezere,Praslea,Negru,Livio&Roby and others…

After almost 10 years of music, Snaz thinks that he accumulated enough music experience and he became more and more obsessed with the art of making music,so in the summer of 2009 he builds his own studio and starts making music.Nowadays he is working with a greater zest and pasion then ever before,learning everything about music production and spending almost all of his time in studios.

In his sets Snaz invests most of his energy,ideas and knowledge to create dynamic sets which tend to move the crowd.His scale of music is very wide,ranging from deep house all the way to chicago house and from dub techno all the way to detroit techno, and all this is because he doesn’t play just a genre of music,he plays various genres of electronic music because he is attracted by the sounds and effects from the tracks and not attracted to a single genre.

In all this transitions of genres you can feel and hear in all his sets the carefully selected warm and dynamic tracks with deep sounds and melodic feeling a.k.a ‘feeling de pecica’ as a close friend likes to belive.

To be continued…