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Snatt & Vix are a successful DJ duo from Romania who contributed greatly over the years to increasing the good reputation of a dreamy and euforic musical genre on the local and the international EDM scene by creating unique trance beats powerful enough to engender deep feelings of relief and mind excitement. For them trance has become a religion and a life style!

Though they have developed and practiced their skills as DJs on many occasions before, since 2008 they started to organize and promote a series of successful parties to build up their unique brand of „TrancENDancE” bringing good international trance DJs to Romania suh as Roger Shah, Richard Durand and Stoneface & Terminal. The ascendance culminated in 2009 with their performance at Arenele Romane Bucharest next to Lange and Ferry Corsten, two true trance legends, event organized by „The Mission”.

Snatt & Vix radio show „TrancENDancE ArenA” broadcasted by Radio Zu for over a year has been moved to Vibe FM, the most popular EDM radio station in Romania, a huge opportunity to promote their concept. (every Sunday between 6 and 8 PM on VIBE FM).

Several other important steps in developing their musical career were taken in 2010 when Snatt & Vix performed at Arenele Romane during a 4 hours set introducing Paul Van Dyk in front of over 5000 euforic people and at Navodari beach introducing Tiesto, the famous DJ, where they succeeded to create an incediary atmosphere in front of a huge crowd of 10.000 people presenting a set of over 5 hours. Both were massive events organized by The Mission.

Meanwhile, „TrancENDancE” parties continued to bring to Studio Martin club (Bucharest) fascinating international guests like Myon & Shane 54, First State, Ronski Speed, Jochen Miller, Ashley Wallbridge, Daniel Kandi, Mark Sherry and even the magnificent Markus Schulz during his Global DJ Broadcast World Tour.

A booming combination of progressive house and progressive trance styles prevail in Snatt & Vix sets including vocals, tech beats and sometimes uplifting hues, to suit any taste and expectations.

2010 also brought another turn in their career marking their debut as producers and got signed by Armada Music [AVA Recordings]. Their first productions „Winter of Love”, „Replay Girl” and „Disco Terra” were collaboration with „Moonpax” guys from Israel. They received good support from Markus Schulz [GDJB], Armin Van Buuren [ASOT], Andy Moor [Moor Music Podcast] and many more known DJs. This way they were encouraged to pursued their goal and continued 2010 with a new release named „Sunride”, a collaboration together with Russian producer „In Progress” but this time via Coldharbour Recordings at Armada Music.

In 2011 Snatt & Vix entered a new era of their career by producing their first solo production „Warp Drive” and their first vocal trance track „Cold Shower” featuring the beautiful vocals of Alexandra Badoi. Both tracks got signed by Markus Schulz to his Coldharbour Recordings and selected to appear on the Markus Schulz new mixed city named compilation „Prague`11”.

Several more tracks are already done and ready for 2011 but also new material is in the work.