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Baltimore, United States

House, Tech House

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All About DJ Joe Mercer: DJ Joe Mercer a.k.a. Joe started spinning records back in 1991, at one of the largest Hottest Country Music Stations Q102 on the East Coast. DJ Joe Mercer went from Q102 right into the DJ business when him and his partner started Affordable DJ’s. Affordable DJ’s went on for 7 years. Serving Virginia, WV and Maryland. At the end of the seven years DJ Joe Mercer a.k.a. Joe departed for another career. After leaving the music industry, Joe went into Banking for 14 years. One night while playing around at an after hours someone said you ought to be a DJ. DJ Joe Mercer started back in the DJ business and with him he brought some mixes he did back in 2001 and 2003. Why you ask? Well Joe says every time I pop one in the CD player someone steals it. After much coaching from Joe’s brother Matt, Joe reentered the DJ business and now you can see DJ Joe Mercer playing at a venue near you. DJ Joe Mercer has been remixing for some time now, everything from House to Trance, from Tiesto to Junior Vasquez to Victor Calderone.