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Snafu has been listening to Psychedelic Trance since the mid ’90s and began djing around 2002. After a few lucky breaks thanks to some good friends, Snafu has became well known in the UK psy-tance scene, playing towns and cities across the UK and Ireland alongside international artists including Astrix, Menog, Nissimyani, Popstream as well as some of the up and coming artists on the UK trance scene at parties including ProjectOzma, Omniscience, Psycle, Planet Shroom and the Synergy Project.

2005 saw Snafu’s first festival appearances at Glastonbury and The Wickerman Festival and since then he has gone on to rip up a storm at the Glade Festival and has become a regular fixture at Scotland’s Wickerman Festival. As well as this, Snafu plays regularly at highly acclaimed outdoor parties throughout the English countryside and abroad.

Snafu plays all styles of Psychedelic Trance, from old school Goa through progressive to full-on and even ambient chill although his optimistic and happy-go-lucky approach to life is always evident in his sets.

Due to the incursions of real life, Snafu is currently only wheeled out for very special occasions but those lucky enough to catch one of his infrequent sets never leave the dance floor disappointed.

Snafu believes that Psychedelic music is all about having fun, making new friends and having new experiences and is always happy to travel to new places and meet new people. Sean Ober / dJ dAb