Smashbox Beatport


Dedicated to the art that is electronic music, Alexander Terranova is no stranger to the sounds of the underground. His brother Nick introduced him to underground music at the age of 14 and he quickly developed a sophisticated taste for that style of music. House became his love. He found it hard to relate to other people his own age when it came to music so he kept his taste of music to himself. It wasn’t until he moved out on his own at the age of 18 that he started to meet people that shared his love of underground music. He moved to Las Vegas, and after a short time found himself working as a promoter in the fairly young nightclub industry. After promoting for a couple years he felt something was missing, he wanted to do moreso in 2000 Alex made the investment to become a deejay. Its soon would be an investment well worth it. Alex took to djing quickly, his style was more trance driven, and the faster beat really moved the blood through his veins. It was trance that landed him his first residency in 2001 at a short-lived club INSOMNIA in Las Vegas. Short lived but detrimental in truly launching his dj career it was Insomnia that gave him a fan base in Las Vegas. In 2002 Alex moved to San Francisco and with his bother Nick, launched Terratraxx Recording Group a self-satisfying record label dedicated to upcoming producers. The Label sparked a fire in him once again and later that year Alex took to producing music with his brother. In 2003 after relocating to Los Angeles and producing under monikers such as A.D.H.djs, The Heater Pimps, and Alxone, Alex and Nick had began making moves in the industry and started to work their way up the ladder of stardom. Sadly In 2004 Alex received news that the third founding partner in Terratraxx, Chris Vierra has passed away in a house fire. Devastated by the news, everything dealing with the label was put on hold. In 2005 after some trials and tribulations between Alex and Nick, Alex made the decision to leave Terratraxx and move forward solo. Though the decision was bitter sweet, it was soon after leaving Terratraxx that Alex landed a major residency Friday?s at Trance Club Heaven at LA Hotspot, Arena.

In 2006 Alex packed his bags once again, and bearing the name smashBOX, returned to Las Vegas possessing a new desire to conquer the city that chewed him up and spit him out just four years before. Alex started slowly and worked his way back into the over saturated nightclub scene with his distinct pumpin’ style of Tribal- Tech house. His goal was simply to re-educate the masses one music lover at a time. It was during this time Alex quietly worked on his solo production, and after a chance meeting with a fellow producer Frank Charles, Alex signed his first Track, smashBOX featuring Elizabeth T M.S.D.D. to MapaSounds. In 2007 Alex was asked to play a guest spot at Las Vegas’ Number One after-hours, Seamless, after he finished playing, he was offered a residency. Since then he has also resided at The Beatles Revolution Lounge, and also held a short residency at Puff, in which he played along side the likes of Boris M.D., Dubfire, Faarsheed, Lee Burridge and more. In 2007 Alex was also commissioned by Frank Charles to remix two of his upcoming releases, Vegas Nights and Vibes, both of which are still selling numerous copies.

2008 is looking to be a great year for the up and coming producer/dj. With six commissioned remixes in the first half of the year alone and many more original productions scheduled to drop as well, he couldn’t be happier. So why does Alex spend most his time in his studio pounding away at the keyboards and staring at his computer screen? Alex says ts all for the love of music, keeping it dirty, and moving the masses.