Smart Beatport


Smart has been DJing Drum and Bass for six years and has played at some of London’s most prolific clubs. His unpredictably good mixing style and drastic juxto positioning of tunes makes him a welcome change in the Drum and Bass scene. Being a perfectionist, Smart is overwhelmingly precise about mixing, whilst remaining hasty and energetic. These elements can also be heard in his crisp productions. (He has been producing and engineering many styles of music for over three years, and is currently in session recording a major punk band for general release) Smart believes in using Vinyl and Dubplate over CD and hates the increase in CD based DJs sheerly for the lack of punch and depth in the sound. Overall, Smart is a refreshing polarity in the Drum and Bass scene, welcoming up and coming producers’ music and a expressive and uplifting selection of heavy melodic tracks makes him very powerful and distinctive.