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London, United Kingdom

Circus, Circus Media, Maximum Boost
Slumdogz Beatport


‘Slum & Bass’, ‘Slum Step’, ‘Dog Step’. Whatever you choose to call it you cannot deny one thing: Slum Dogz music keeps you dancing!

With 3 members consisting of Doctor P, Swan-E & Krafty Mc, the Slum Dogz will always keep the masses entertained with their happy good time feel twist to their creations. Working hard as a threesome in the studio or on road, there is always a smile on the faces of the people they entertain.

The showcase they bring to the dance floor is a high energy mash up of Drum & Bass, Dubstep & Drum step offering a choice of flavour to all involved in the ‘Slum Off’ dance sessions. Whether it be the signature release of ‘Bad’ or the ‘Bad VIP’ right through to ‘8 Ball Hustler’, ‘For all Time’ and the recent success of ‘Bad Ass’ which the Dogz have remixed for Aphrodite and Micky Finn on the Urban Takeover label.

In their Kennelz of Maximum Boost & Circus Records, Many a Pun & track is being created as we speak – from the video diary of the ‘Slum Blogz’ – to the mid show skits of ‘Puppy Love’, ‘Doggy in the Window’ along with their fan base, the ‘Slum Pupz’, believe that the Dogz are set to dominate the Pound for a long time yet!

Slum Dogz go beyond just a DJ & MC outfit. They bring involvement to the people to show that no matter what, there will always be good times to had!