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Sluggo (Nick Suddarth) has been honing his skills in manipulating bass with signature metal distortions for some time now. A legend in the heavier world of electronic dance music, Sluggo has proven time and time again that his abilities to craft and produce masterpieces that are unrelenting barrages of ferocious bass lines and explosive scratching extend far beyond the realm of dubstep. Sluggo’s roots might be in the world of dubstep, but over the years Sluggo has pushed his sound and style outside of the dubstep scene, and instead has crafted his unique sound that when paired with his producing abilities, have allowed him to flourish in any genre and style he so chooses.

Having worked on the Grammy nominated record for metal legends Korn with additional deviations into the darker side of the dubstep scene through partnering with Korn front man Jonathan Davis, Sluggo has confirmed his abilities as a multi-genre producer who doesn’t strive away from aggressively attacking the unknown and succeeding. Sluggo’s drive to succeed and innovate keep him in a very advantageous position within the electronic music community. With a cult following, huge collaborations with various artists under his belt, and a deep knowledge of not only producing tracks but managing their release through his record label UltraG, Sluggo’s influence is felt far and wide.

2017 is shaping up to be a massive year for the Phoenix based bass head. Coming off a year of working with Korn, Sluggo has been busy somewhere in an underground bunker of bass crafting heavy hitting anthem, one after another. Ushering in his return, Sluggo ended 2016 with a multi-genre track titled ‘Running Thru My Foes’ and followed up with an early 2017 dubstep anthem release of ‘Hate Me’ featuring turn-tablist Slippe. This is the year Sluggo returns with more focus on his personal productions than ever. Buckle up, it’s going to be an explosive year as Sluggo decimates stereo systems and dance floors with his signature craft of devastation and bass. The return of Sluggo is nigh. Are you ready?