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  • Say No More meets Sexy In The City

    Revolution Leadenhall

    Line-up: REMI, SLICK, KISMET, INVASION and more
    Sat 23rd October 10 PM
  • Thriller Night

    Revolution Leadenhall

    Line-up: REMI, SLICK, INVASION CREW, MS RIO JAY and more
    Fri 29th October 10 PM
  • drunk in love


    Sat 13th November 9 PM
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It all started four years ago. In 1998, Slick would go to his first party at the Tabernacle in Atlanta. It was an Outerlimits party and Bad Boy Bill & AK1200 were among the headlining DJ’. The music and environment pulled him right in, forever changing his life. All he could do all night long was stare at the DJ’ spin. He was amazed at how the crowd reacted, all hyped up. Slick knew right then what it was he wanted to do. Coming from a family full of musicians who could play any instrument imaginable, how hard could this be, right?

Two weeks later, he bought a Gemini Scratch Master Kit, and began to teach himself how to spin. Within a few months, he was beat matching and learning how to scratch. He started spinning at numerous house parties, and at a club called City Limits in Anniston, AL on Friday nights in Slick’ hometown. He went by the name Kris Styles at the time (which he changed in 2001), and he along with his tag-team partner, Spun G, would play a 4-turntable set. Together, they were known as A-Tribe and affiliated with Silence Prohibited Productions (which Slick is President of). They have a continuous break beats CD called “Break Fluid”. Just a few years later, Slick would spin at his first party called “Unity” at a club called The Live Wire in Anniston with DJ Volume.

All of those months and years of practicing finally paid off. Slick has played with DJ’ such as DJ 43, Dave London, DJ Trashy, Eric Davenport, DJ Keri, Debbie D, Polywog, Inanna, Factor-E, and Doc-Roc. He has had residencies at various clubs in cities such as San Francisco, Seattle, Orlando, Nashville, Destin, Panama City Beach, just to name a few. DJ Slick is currently working on several remixes for various artists, as well as producing his own tracks. He is also working on putting out his fifth promotional CD, which will be released in January. His influences in his style of music, which is Nu Skool Breaks, are Koma & Bones, B.L.I.M., Hybrid, Burufunk, Infiniti, and Rennie Pilgrim. So keep your eyes and ears open for this talented, break beat DJ, producer, & promoter-DJ Slick!