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At the age of 14 SL Curtiz get in contact with electronic Music the first time. Together with a pal he began to organize some events. In this way the first gigs started. His favorites changed from dancefloor to trance and techno, drum’n bass, electro, breakbeats and other kinds of electronic dance music up to house or rather ‘Slammin Pumpin House’ which today is his preference.

Many American DJs supporting this sound were his heroes: Bad Boy Bill, Hatiras, CZR and others of the Chicago International House and Mix Connection.

Sometimes you can also find a non-house disc among his wide range of electronic music in his set but that’s good slip.

In the last years he developed his DJ performance, and it is absolute impressive, when in two minutes rhythm the tracks land on the turntable the mixer is briefly screwed, and already is going further with the new track.

After several Bookings in his region he started in 2003 with his own event called ‘bringing da funk’ in a club named ‘Wohlfahrt’ downtown Stuttgart.

In the same year he became a residency at the legendary Hit House Radio Station with the ‘Saturday Night Mastermix’ with Bernie Bernthaler, every Saturday from 10pm to 6am.

At present he is spinning on an own event called ‘Balearic SoundClash’ in Stuttgart and lots of other clubs in Germany. SL Curtiz is finally working on some own productions for his new House Label Slammin Muzik. In March 2006 came his first Release ‘Rockstar EP’ on Slammin Muzik. Now he is working on several Projects and Remixes.