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DJ Skywalker, aka Marcus Hammonds, began receiving private music lessons at the age of 2-1/2 years old. By age 12, he received a scholarship to study at composition, performance, and chamber music at the Sherwood Conservatory of Music. He also received a scholarship to study at the renown Northwestern University High School Institute and was nominated for the Sony Innovator Award.

He first was introduced to house music in 1980’s. The atmosphere in Chicago was saturated with house music – compliments of Djs such as Ron Hardy, Farley Jackmaster Funk, Frankie Knuckles, Mike Dunn, Terry Hunter, Alan King, Lil Louis, Jamie 3:26 and many others. However, Marcus did not start DJing until 10 years ago in Washington, DC. Appearing initially under the name Kenneth Spank.

While in DC, names such as Sam Burns, Dj Iwah, and Brett Crenshaw nurtured Marcus’ new music endeavor giving him opportunities to play at clubs like Red and exposing him to a sound out of West London called Broken Beat/Nu Jazz.

Marcus returned to Chicago two years ago and now appears under the name Skywalker. The significance of this name comes from the ancient Mayan culture. Since his return, Skywalker, has made several appearance at special events and published mixes online for his loyal audience.

People who listen to Skywalker are all ages, come from all walks of life, and are located in Chicago, DC, Toronto, New York, London, Berlin, Johannesburg, and Rio de Janeiro. He is eager to continue providing unique sounds to unique individuals.