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Phoenix, United States



Skwert is a veteran of the Arizona underground rave/club/bar circuit. He began his DJing career(?) in 1999 with cohort Pablo Gomez (aka; Gemini, MiXtNutz) by joining the Swell Clothing & Records team and promoting events. Over time he has become a well respected member of the ‘Underground’ dance/music/DJing scene in Arizona and the surrounding region.

The year 2000 is when the ball started rolling for Skwert. He was chosen to play one of Arizona’s most sought after billings; Acid Reign Series (III) and played alongside partner Pablo Gomez (Gemini, at the time) as a tag team. Months later he had the opportunity to be the first DJ to play on what would set the precedent for all soundsystems in Arizona, Swell Pro Audio’s GOD Soundsystem at 611 Ways To Do It in August of 2000. The rest of the year followed up with such shows as, Clash Of The Titans (Dr. Freecloud’s vs Swell Records), an AIDS Walk Charity and a New Years party (Rave UN2 2001)

The years that have followed 2000, have been but a blur for Skwert. Taking bookings from anyone and anywhere. Playing at the local bars, to the big clubs, to the dirty desert, to the mountains atop the valley, to the underground warehouses, to your mama’s backyard. Playing (and proud to have) alongside many talented DJs/producers/artists such as Dynamix II, Jackal & Hyde, Keoki, Icey, Aphrodite, Bad Boy Bill, Woody McBride, Nigel Richards, Simply Jeff, Ron D. Core, Jasp182, Diesel Boy, Bahamut, The Bombshelter DJs (Radar, Emile, Z-Trip) and most of the AZ players.

This year (2004) brings the cd release of “This Is The Sound Of Underground”. A 12 song (56 min) mix of Skwert’s recent playlist toppers. The cd includes a few of Skwert’s favorite producers; Dynamix II, Jakcal & Hyde, Infiniti, Sharaz, Funklab and Meat Katie. A straight mix blended with a lot of heart and a lot of bass. Other cds available from Skwert include; Bun Jammin.2001 (a 10 track funky acidic cheese mix), Cheesy Spoofs.2001 (5 song cheesy remix mix), The Dobrag Remixes.2001 (5 song electro mix of Swell’s re-release of Dobrag and remixes) and Acid Breaks ‘95/’96 (5 song mix of acid breaks that defined his love for breaks)

What the future holds for this veteran breakbeat DJ is wide open. He has been involved in a lot of aspects of the music scene, from the glitzy club scene, to the underground rave scene, to the get a drink and a groove during the week/ly scene. He loves it all, the people, the vibe, the love, the smiles, the tears, the music, the music, the music… “The Music Just Turns Me On”.