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Tecumseh, United States


Mindshake Records, Plus 8 Records
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Brian Connelly (a.k.a. Skoozbot), an Indiana native and Michigan transplant, has long been interested in the interaction between humans and technology. This interest has been met in his love of electronic music, which is made by machines yet fueled by the soul.

As a DJ over the past decade, Brian has never been satisfied simply blending two tracks together and has long sought to augment his mixing by incorporating the limitless possibilities provided by technology. Endless experimentation with both hardware and software has helped bridge the gap, but as technology continues to grow, so does Brian’s curiosity for using it to open up new possibilities.

This blend of the human and the electronic is further explored in his productions, where Brian aims to re-create instantaneous human emotions through electronic sounds. Although these snapshots of our consciousness can occur for just brief moments in our lives, they can continue on and be further evolved through music.