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Skinny Hendrix

Miami, United States

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Brady Jacob, AKA Skinny Hendrix, is a DJ/Producer from Miami, Florida that is quickly turning heads in the EDM world. His fresh blend of electro, dubstep, moombah, trap, and more combined with his energetic and unfettered stage presence keeps dance floors in a frenzy all night long.

After graduating from the University of Miami with a major in Entrepreneurship, Skinny immediately focused his energy towards his passion for electronic dance music. While attending Scratch DJ Academy, his natural talent behind the turntables instantly garnered attention from his professors and colleagues. He then took to the road on a festival-hopping journey that culminated in an epic DJ set on stage at Bonnaroo. Now back in Miami, the buzz around Skinny Hendrix continues to swell each time he spins for a new crowd.