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Bloomfield, United States

Hardcore / Hard Techno

Skinner Beatport


Skinner is a multitalented artist. As a well-established DJ, producer and businessman, Skinner manages to bring out the schizophrenic in us all. Aroused exclusively by dark, hard, ever evolving dance music, Skinner brings an unsurpassed level of intensity to his sets. Originally a punk rocker, Skinner was drawn to the sounds of Electro in 1986. At the time, although intrigued, he was unimpressed with the light-hearted mannerisms of early dance music. It was the intensity of the rave and industrial cultures that led Skinner to fuse his own sounds.

Filling, and later merging, the gaps between Rotterdam, early PCP and UK hardcore breaks, Skinner began seriously developing his production skills in 1993. It would be only two years before he would release his first creation: “Devastation Belief” using the pseudonym Pharaoh909 on Emulsion Records. In the succeeding years he would also release “Hardcore Religion,” “Paraoh Traxx,” and “Jersey Devil” in 1996, 1997, and 1997 respectively. However still unsatisfied with the support (or lack thereof) for dark, menacing music, Robert created a new label in 1997. Black Monolith Records, established as a potentially consistent source of dark, sic music, has already released several records. BMR001 was entitled PCP Revisited (7") and released in 1997. In 1999 BMR002 was released and entitled “Beyond Freedom & Dignity.” Because of the great demand for the first BMR releases, Skinner’s appreciation for Darkstep Drum’n’Bass lead to the spawning of a Drum’n’Bass sublabel (Black Monolith Breaks) in 2000.Concurrently, Skinner released “Social Darwinism” (1999) and “Underground What?” (1999) on Dark Communications as well as “Compilation” (1998) on Oblivion Records and “Global Conquest” (2000) and “Fuck Empathy” (1999) on DiHurst Records, on Hardcore Cross Breed HCC004 (2001) ,BMR004 on Black Monolith as deadsector (2001). CD EP release can be found on Emulsion Records (entitled “Emulsion Traxx” 1997) and DiHurst Records (Volume 1 1999).

One of his biggest influences, Dan DC (NJ) helped Skinner develop his intolerance for people in the scene only for the image or drugs. Hoping to convince more people to listen to the actual music and not just to front the image, Robert Skinner hopes to reach out to the dedicated fans of hardcore punk-rock-industrial and introduce them to electronic hardcore. He hopes their devotion to the underground scene will promote the progression of hardcore techno music far into the future. It is evident why Skinner is often referred to as the “Dark Enigma.” While he has a profoundly deep appreciation for abstract, experimental styles, he also has an uncanny ability to select and create dance floor stormers. Putting music ahead of most things, he has dedicated an incredible amount of energy to innovation and progression. Who knows what the enigma will reveal in the future.