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Jerusalem, Israel


Acom, Chemical Crew, GMI
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Asher and Assaf B-bass, also known as Skazi have been working together since 1998.producing a unique style of hardcore dance floor trance music.

Asher spent seven years as part of a Jerusalem punk group, â€?Sartan Hashadâ€? (Breast Cancer),and three years in “Rock Ba-Yarokâ€? (Lahakat Cheil Hachinuch) Assaf B-bass- involved in trance scene since 1992, working along side Mental Orange from 1994-97, going on to become part of “SKAZIâ€?. Their first album, “Animalâ€?, took over seven months into final product. “SKAZIâ€?, established in 1998 by Asher Swissa and Assaf B-bass, dramatically exploded into the trance scene. Both previously into punk and hardcore scene were able to give their crowds a new and innovative twist to trance music by combining Asher’s live guitar riffs and Assaf storming synth-sound. All of their compilations (Animal, Storm, Zoo1, Zoo2) were released on their self established record label. Their style, hardcore dance floor trance Their influences – Xenomorph, Jorg, Abbsolum, Talamasca, Manitu. Since their first album, “Animalâ€?, came out, they set out on a world tour blowing away crowds in places such as: Israel, Switzerland, Africa, Japan, Germany, Holland, Portugal, Australia, Russia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Belgrade, India, Brazil, Spain, Italy, England…etc.