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Rome, Italy


1605, Formatik, Great Stuff Recordings
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Luigi Poggiani, class 1988, born in Rome and immediately showed a deep interest for music.

As a teenager he investigated various means of production using computer, sequencer, keyboards and devices midi, which launched him in the world of musical productions. However it wasn?t until a meeting with now good friend Nicola Bortignon that his passion evolves in profession. Both based in the Italian Raider Studio (one of the most active team of production on the european scene), the pair planned the musical debut of the now sixteen Luigi, under the name of Siwell.

In November 2006 came Siwells first release on Stereo Seven, (a label which he still works with to this day) produced with his friend Luca Albano. A few months later came the follow up on Re-Bitch, italian top-seller disco in May 2007, while remix and external collaborations followed. With Luigi contstantly in the IR Studio it was inevitable more projects would be born, such as Elektrocore (Elektro/Progressive) and Plus & Minus (Minimal-Techno).Following that came releases on Stereo Seven, on Polar Noise and Goodeva, 3 of the biggest labels in Italy, which internationally he worked with huge labels like Tiesto?s Black Hole & Wally Lopez?s Fat XL for remixes.

As Luigi?s reputation grew, so did the offers, and in September 2008 he found himself remixing huge artists like Joe T Vannelli, Sikk, and also the huge single from Mark Knight ?The Man With The Red Face? which was released on the huge Toolroom Records. Not content though Luigi forged ahead releasing his debut artist album on Sphera Record label which he set up with Nicola Bartignon. The album has had huge support from artists all over the planet.