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Blessed with natural musical talent and the uncanny ability to nurture her gift through a relentless pursuit of inspiration, Sista Stroke is an emerging force in modern underground music. Her musical roots run deep and span the boundaries of genre and geography. She is a child of the b-boy generation whose journey through life has included living in Houston, San Antonio, Panama, Chicago, and Los Angeles; more recently establishing her home base in London, England. The rich cultural textures of these cities reverberate in her music.

Sista Stroke came up musically as a member of the legendary Rebel Crew, a musical family founded in Houston in the mid 80s by Joe B. and Rick Partida. As part of the Rebel Crew she played styles ranging from Hip Hop to Dance Hall, Jungle to Jazz, and Breaks to House always remaining anchored in soulful music. Her skills did not go unnoticed and she soon developed a following which called her to the road. In virtually no time Sista Stroke developed a hardcore fan base in cities around the United States, England and Mexico. She is known for beatin it hard, yet strokin’ the soul with an incredibly moving blend of deep, funky, and spiritual house music (however, she has more than just house in her arsenal).

As an accomplished drummer, pianist, and producer, Sista Stroke discovered her musical niche where she can truly explore the depths of her creativity and took her passion for soulful sound to the next level. Over the past thirteen years she has released original works and remixes ranging from House to Hip Hop to down-tempo on Mother Tongue, D’Lectable Records, Privat Box Music, Dusttrax, Hook-Up Tunes, Klassik Fiasco, House Sound of LA, and Revolutionary Music, along with some of the most sought after white labels in the industry. In 2004 she became the preeminent in-house producer/remixer for Mother Tongue and Innuendo Records because of her gifted ability to produce quality material. Through persistence in her original creations and remix work, Sista Stroke has made a name for herself in underground music.

She often appears alongside noteworthy acts ranging from house to hip-hop such as Afrika Bambaattaa, The Executioners, Tortured Soul, King Britt, Derrick Carter, Joey Beltram, Donald Glaude, DJ Dan, Method Man, Boo Williams, Mark Farina, Kaskade, Jason Hodges, and Super Jane (Lady D, Colette, Dayhota, and DJ Heather). Through development of her fanbase and a growing discography of successful production releases, she has established herself as a solid headlining act.

Sista Stroke hosts her successful weekly Freak Freely Fridays show to syndication on Amsterdam’s Most Wanted, establishing her global brand through her infectious motto, “Freak Freely”.

Sista Stroke makes it personal for the dancer and the listener; you can expect the funk, the sweat, the tracks that make you jump up and down, put the bounce in your step, and the smile on your face. And that’s what her fans have come to know and love about her.