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SiSpeo started around 16 years by organizing himself his first parties. Its goal was to make known themselves a minimum and to acquire a small notoriety in its vicinity.

Its first organized evening was a capital on the place of its village which made move more than 500 people. A great success for him. After this, the evenings were connected, the rooms of festivals, the capitals, some full airs,?

At 21 years, it decides to turn to the world of the discotheques because it finally tasted with the ?pleasures? of Clubbing in Belgium.

He begins then to play in small a discobar of Tournai “the Star Rock Café”, he remains there a little more than 2 years Friday and saturdays and distil there a its House happy and a festive environment.

It also takes part in one or two contests, is made invite to ?Bush? (for its famous 48hrs off pleasure), then in “Escape” (for Dj George’ S Birthday)

April 2005, after selection on mix tape, he begins as resident dj in a new Tournaisian Club: “Bliss”

He is resident there saturdays in large room and makes vibrate more and more people on his sets “Electro Club House” He produced there during more 8h not stop and now also occupies special bookings and evenings. Fridays it furrows Belgium and France in the search of always new feelings. He also occurred on various radio Belgian and Frenchwomen (Fun Radio/Galaxie FM/Net FM/…) and everywhere where it moves, his name is synonymous with “festive, good music and high technicality” His current style could be defined as follows: At the same time simple and complicated, we will say that it is a mixture between 4 or 5 different styles. That goes from the House to Teck while passing by the electro House or the minimal teck. It very arranged in all the directions, that goes up, that goes down, the sequences are dynamic, the pieces change quickly,… SiSpeo is a young talent which is always given to bottom and which adores to play with his public. Of a naturalness very smiling, it is opened with everyone and asks only one thing: to have fun the festival with his public.