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Sirius Isness

Paris, France

Psy-Trance, Trance

Agitato Records, Midijum Records, Mind Control
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Max and Davina is a French couple, one of the only ones who produce trance music. They lived for few years in San Francisco where Max was part of ‘Biodegradable’ (an older project composed by CPU, Mekanikka, and Max from Sirius Isness). Then, from the time they decided to make music together, their reputation was always growing and growing. If some of you had already believed that Davina is not making that much in the studio, we can tell here that you are completely wrong! She is one of the rare female producers, and one of the most active on stage (all sexes included!!). That’s also why Sirius Isness had become last years one of the most respected live act.