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Sir Vinyl Instinct

Sheffield, United Kingdom

House, Open Format

Itchy Pig Records
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DJ, Producer, label / studio owner, and all round music fanatic. My love of music stems from my parents only way to keeping me quiet, by letting me near the record player. I remember the quality of the Pioneer headphones my old man used to have for his ‘special’ use. Watching the centre image of the vinyl rotating, the feeling you got from staring into the hypnotic dark grooves on the vinyl. This would always keep me entertained”. It was from here on in, 5 or 6 years old, music was the only thing that mattered. That and the odd game of knock-a-door run maybe from time to time. My folks seemed to have a vast collection of vinyl. Many styles, 7s, 12s, and even a few 10s and dubplates were also in there. I later found out that this was only a small selection as he had the bulk sold by his sister while he was away once – what a cunt. I often think of what else was in that collection

At the age of around 6 or so, I found my old man’s tape splicer and started messing around cutting up tapes. I don’t think he could ever work out where his cassettes were going. I started making tapes as if they were radio shows. If only I still had some of them tapes –they’d be hilarious.

One Christmas, I got an Amiga console off my folks. Mainly out of jealousy I might add, as my sister got one a few months before. My old man would always bring me home copied games and programs, but I was only ever fascinated by the music programs he managed to find. That and plugging in the mouse in the joystick slot while playing Olympic Games – those little buggers would run fast when you did that. I can even recall a few classics that are still remembered today (some Coldcut and some old rave tunes. You could rearrange them and make your own versions of them. I was generally fascinated for hours on end with this.

When I left school, a good friend of mine bought a set of decks (well, they were Citronic, but to us, these were now our life). At any possible chance, we would meet up and have a mix. I’m still like this today. I never lost that passion. The feeling that I get from music is astounding to me.

Since then, I have held many residencies up and down the country. My styles have changed since I first got my decks. I have never really been genre specific. I like discovering what’s out there. I have always been a fan of digging. When I DJ out, it has to have an addictive groove. A tune has to leave you standing there in awe, never wanting it to finish. Then along comes the next. I want my sets to tell a story. There is so much more than just playing records. You have to grasp how people are feeling. Somehow connect everyone in that room. It’s such a good feeling having everyone there hold the same emotion of joy, while the beats forces you move.

I also run a record label called Itchy Pig Records, plus a studio under the same name. I work on many re-edits (mainly so that I can make them work for the way in which I tend to DJ. As I play many different styles, at varying tempos, I can’t simply rely on beat matching to get me by. My set has to have twists and turns. It’s selfish I know, but I play how I would like to hear it be played. Luckily for me, people seem to enjoy my style throughout. For that, I can only be grateful that there are many enthusiasts out there.

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Big Chill




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Garden Festival

Southport Festival

Electric Picnic

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