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Sir Strong

Melbourne, United States

Breaks, Dubstep

B Side Records
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Sir strong is the combined musical mastery and styling of BStrong and Sirman. Sir Strong is a band that has now been released onto the music scene through Beat Port, ITunes, and many other online sources… To be exact you can find Sir Strong on 87 of the biggest online sources for music purchase. Sir Strong began as a humble dream one day from DJ’s B Strong and Sirman. At the time DJ BStrong (Founding Father of B Side Records) wanted to hit it big, be known and be able to share his love of music with the masses. With his best friend and Talent Acquisition Manager ( also an amazing DJ) Sirman, BStrong and him began the long journey to star studded fame by improving their musical talents from learning new instruments, and music composition software to just basically finding anyone and everyone they could to take a listen to their music and critique it. B Strong has called Central Florida home for many years, but who’s counting? Sirman was born in an undisclosed location in Miami, FL … He was born as a bass head who is basically the mad scientist of the duo – he spends hours upon hours in front of the monitors assaulting the keyboard and making some amazing drum lines and percussion groupings… Basically if it’s got a beat to it Sirman most likely had something to do with it… On the other side B Strong does not only contribute creatively but he’s also the quality control of the duo- spending hours hunched over the keys and staring into both monitors analyzing each note and how it’s being presented. Neither DJ’s ever thought they’d ever see their names or the name of their group on Beat Port… They share such a love for music that it was too strong for them not to at the very least try. Hence, Sir Strong being born-

A dream that was so strong to compel not only one individual, but two to throwing their all into a group and compose and produce the most unique and amazing music anyone will have heard or ever hear again. Although their music is classified as Electronica, Beats, Break beats, or House…Whatever the genre you’d throw them into Sir Strong is something else, it’s something you’ve never heard before… Their music is real, it’s from deeper than the heart it’s their souls pouring out onto paper- into notes, then rhythms and finally into this thing they call music. Listen to their tracks and actually sit down and try to see if you can relate to them, think about your good times and bad, people you’ve lost, ones you’ve met and then think of these two amazingly talented men. Two solitary men who had a dream so strong it’s compelled many into things they didn’t think they could do and then share it with someone you love, give them that same chance you just took by finding this website and reading this bio. To find out more about Sir Strong please view the biography pieces for both B Strong and Sirman separately, get to know both of the talented men behind the group.

B Side is the “alias” group for Sir Strong, this is ( although it’s still both people from Sir Strong) the group name that their more melodic tracks ( ie. Friends, XXX Dreams, and Positive Vibes {The Down Under Mix}) will be released under. So this is what makes those two talented men even more extraordinary- they are not only multi-talented but they are able to illustrate boundaries of music and let the lines between genres blur.