Sir K Beatport


Sir K (Kristian McMullin) one of New Brunswick’s pioneer breaks DJs fell in love with electronic music in the late 90’s as Fredericton’s underground music scene began to develop. After countless nights on the dance floor he stepped up to the decks and began organizing shows to promote a passionate appreciation for the music and culture that would play a major role in his life.

“My favorite things about music is its ability to bring people together, unite them and lift them up to a place where all of the worry, stress and negativity of the world fade away into the wonder of the present moment. It’s amazing how quickly a song can change your mood…”One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain"."

Over the past years Sir K’s has been in a tight partnership with the highly talented and devoted group of musicians in the UltraSound Collective, and has had the opportunity to open for / play with / befriend DJ’s such as Marty McFly, Robb G, Decepticon, Paraniod Jack, J-Bass, The Freestylers and the more than 125 DJ’s brought to Fredericton NB by the UltraSound Collective.

After years of playing massive bass lines that animated his favorite breakbeat and electro tracks as vividly as they animated the people on the dancefloor, Sir K has diversified into the more refined genres of house in order to offer a comprehensive music collection that can be tailored to nearly any crowd.

Currently located in Ottawa, the nation’s capital, he has now assembled a digital mobile DJ setup that allows him to cater to private parties and corporate events so no matter what size the party, or where it’s at, he can rock it proper.

Sir K provides his diverse array of auditory stimulation as an offering of praise to the gods(esses) among (wo)mankind who are conceiving, creating, producing, mixing, and enjoying these advanced forms of music, and the technologies from which they come.

From breaks to electro, 2step to house, if it’s music that’s been made with passion and intelligent production you can be sure this DJ will be pushin’ it to the people.