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Biography – Sir Colin

DJ Sir Colin, this name stands for one of the hundred most important Swiss (elected in 2006 by the Swiss magazine called Schweizer Illustrierte), one of the most successful artists in the Swiss house music scene – DJ, producer, remixer, owner of the Parkin Place Music agency and employer of 13 staff members.

With his Manhattan and Summer Parade CDs, DJ Sir Colin reached the No. 1 spot in the Swiss charts twice in 2006 and was awarded a Golden Disk for both Summerparade and PPMCity, both of which sold over 20,000 copies.

To survive in music business is a short time experience to many artists – not to Sir Colin, who was discovered in 1998 as a young talent in the popular nightclub Jail in Zurich, who leads the top of todays charts and gets booked several times a week.

Engin Colin Kilic was born in 1979 in Wdenswil/Zurich. At the age of twelve the Swiss guy, Turkish origin, already began with DJ-ing and organizing hip hop parties at the youth community Jugi in Wdenswil. Even though he always wanted to play music, he still finished his apprenticeship as an architectural draftsman.

DJ Sir Colin and his partner Blent Aksoy alias DJ Owen established their own successful label Parkin Place Music in 1997. These days, the agency gives newcomer DJs the opportunity to be looked after and supported by a professional and experienced team.

The talented artist got his first bookings soon after the foundation of Parkin Place Music to play music on different parties and in various discos. In 1998 he became resident DJ of the nightclub Pravda in Lucerne. Shortly after, he set up his own recording studio.

In the year 2000 a dream of Engin came true: He was booked by the famous OXA nightclub in Zurich. He seized this chance, played an impulsive set and won recognition of the crowd. After this full house event, he got a contract with the OXA management for further gigs and to become their resident DJ for the monthly Double House show as well. Double House – the scene where the Swiss DJ elite meets.

2001, DJ Sir Colin reached another milestone! OXA asked him to mix a compilation to the famous party series named Ibiza Reunion.

Apart from his success at OXA and Pravda, the all-rounder is also well known for spinning his records at huge parties like Uniparties, KV Fscht Zri (both 5000 – 7000 visitors) and all the big raves like Street Parade (over 100,000 ravers), Sonic as well as at the Energy party, where he has even got his own floor, the Scratch da House floor.

In 2003 Sir Colin mixed on behalf of the Street Parade committee the official house compilation Street Parade – Let the sunshine in and also the Street Parade – House & RnB Mix in 2004.

In the meantime, he has brought 16 successful CDs to market and every three months a new chart breaker follows.

Sir Colin mixes fresh house beats with pop, instrumental- and vocal inputs. His Hip House style is unique and people abroad found attention to it.

In the beginning of 2005 he was invited to the nightclub Pacha – Sharm el Sheikh in Egypt, where the audience was bedazzled by his charm and sound. The amazing and crazy man (thats how people there named him) got asked to be resident DJ there too.

In summer of the same year, people danced thrilled to Sir Colin sound at the legendary nightclub Privilege on THE party island IBIZA.

Thus, his future plans are clearly set: The international breakthrough is right in front of him!

But even this is not enough: in November 2006 this bundle of energy brought out a portal concept that had not been seen before – the very best around – his Internet project PPMCity. There are various Internet services and interactive chat possibilities packed into this virtual city that give each visitor the chance to develop his own individuality.

The media have also been keeping an eye on Sir Colin. At the end of 2006, a whole evening on VIVA TV was dedicated to him and this was then broadcast in the Lifestyle programme Fablife. The VIVA show takes an exclusive look at the stars of today.

Sir Colin is also busy producing. Many of his own tracks are marketed on the international arena and, among other things, Sir Colin had to remix the track Be your man for Plastik Funk, which rapidly became one of the favorite compilations of the Discoboys in Germany. The new album GoodFellas that came out in March 2007 promises to win us over with even more of his own productions.

International success, his own production initiatives, and a team that just doesnt stop growing – the plans have been forged and are keeping this young entrepreneur on the go. The limits of the boy next door have not yet been reached…