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Radomir Ajduković (Sink The Pink)

Was born In Novi Sad and has been an active member of Serbian clubbing scene for more than eight years.

He’s been fascinated by psychedelic trance ever since he discovered it in 2003.

Those and other events, parties, related to trance music have been a major source of inspiration for him to this current day.

First he developed a passion for dj-ing. He started remixing and mixing different styles of trance by using suitable softwares and later on ‘enhanced technology’. This and very important figure that appeared in his life ( Sanja aka JoeCharlie ) led him to that different perspective in observing the music and he starts producing ,soon realizing that with today’s enhanced technology the possibilities for producers are endless.

He concentrated more on producing progressive psy trance and along with JoeCharlie, a creative driven by passion,

creates a fusion of electronic and organic sounds overwhelmed with emotions , that progressively leads you to unique musical scenario.

Releases :

Early Reflections EP / SpeedSound Rec /

Kymosabex-Houston(Joe Charlie Sink The Pink Remix) /KornerHouse Rec/

Rospy – Lust For Love (JoeCharlie & Sink The Pink Remix) /KornerHouse Rec/

August Wave EP – /Arma Aden – August Wave (JoeCharlie & Sink The Pink Remix)/ /KornerHouse Rec/

We Dam The Night on Emotive House Vol.4 /KornerHouse Rec/

Like A Lady EP /InsomniaFM Rec/

Damir ft. Dubmin – Dreaming (JoeCharlie & Sink The Pink Remix) /InsomniaFM Rec/

Imaginary EP /StereoFly Rec/

Quicksand EP /Night FM Rec/ soon