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Daniel M Thomas (aka Sinerider) is a Uk based Psy-trance producer who has developed his sound over the last 5 years to become a powerful yet easy going morning style sound for those sunny festival dance-floors found all across the globe today.

Currently taking the scene by storm, Sinerider is releasing music regularly and is gathering material for his first Album due for release late this year.

Sinerider is one of the several top UK acts emerging onto the world circuit at the moment. Constantly researching current sound trends in the London psy-trance scene since 2000 as well as those of the world festivals and parties he has attended.Sinerider is designing cutting edge music for the dance-floors of the future.

He has written, produced and released over 20 tracks on different labels under aliases Sinerider, Antispin DMT, Compressor and Intense In Sense.

In January 2010 Sinerider released the hit Ep “Rewired”, 3 tracks (( Sonic Species- “Bend the Future” – Sinerider remix, Sinerider vS G-nome (Joe from Sonic Species)-“Liquid Sunrise” and of course the title track, “Rewired”)) Which all made the Beatport top 10 for nearly three months.

More recently (February 2011) Sinerider collaborated with friends “Neuroplasm” to create the current hit “Cross-Pollination”on Catalyst records, This Morning Anthem which has made it to number 3 in the top 10 on Beatport is raging it’s way across dancefloors all over the planet. One for the Dj bag this summer for sure!!

This Month (March 16th2011) you can expect a new Ep from Sinerider, a collaboration with Avalon on This will be 2 tracks “Timewarp” and Cruise Control, which are already being played globally myself, Avalon and by DJ’s such as Lucas from Tip and Dick Trevor. This is gonna be a big release and again, somthing to have ready for any Full-on Psy-trance DJ this Summer.!!

Next Month Sinerider will release another Ep!!!!!!! This will be on 24/7 records ( and feautre 2 more new tracks, Overclock- “Divine Synths” -Sinerider Remix and SineriderVsContinuum – “First contact” – (Sinerider 2011 mix)

Quickly becoming well known to DJ’s and party goers worldwide Daniel looks forward to spreading his music across the globe personally with good positive energy and a passion for great sound and culture. Any interested labels, party promoters or booking agencies please leave a pm here on soundcloud and you will be replied to as quickly as possible.

For gig listings and more info please go to or visit myspace