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Newark, United States



Originally born in London, ON Canada, DJ Sinergy discovered the world of electronic music after moving to Vancouver BC in 1998.

He was soon introduced to the west coast scene. From that moment, he was hooked. A friend taught him the basics of spinning and he quickly learned the art of being behind the decks.

After a move to the US in 2000, he purchased his first pair of decks and continued to build his own style ranging from deep progressive beats to high nrg trance.

In 2003 he became a dj on and started to make a name for himself. Living in Newark, DE he has spun at several local events including “dance dance dance” and the first Fluxx Productions event, “oxygen”.

Near the end of 2004 was when he decided it was time to start producing. He doesn’t have any tracks ready to share with the world yet, but continues to learn and build his own production style.

In 2005 he continued to develop his production skills and started a weekly show on called Sinergy Sessions. The show ran from 8-11pm EST (GMT-5) every Thursday and was broadcasted on the Pure DJ website as well as an audio / video feed available directly on DJ Sinergy’s website.

As 2006 begins Sinergy Sessions is moved to Tuesday nights from 8-12am EST (GMT-5). A new show is also added that runs Friday nights from 12-4am EST (GMT-5). Both of these shows can be heard on puredj and audio / video is streamed from DJ Sinergy’s website.

Sinergy is very close to releasing his first single and believes 2006 is the year to take giant steps forward.