Sincere Beatport


DJing for nearly half of his life, Sincere career began at a Top 40 station in his hometown of Henderson, Texas in 1988. It was there he started to get his first taste of a new music phenomenon from Chicago called House music. Influenced by dance music greats such as Steve “Silk” Hurley, Frankie Knuckles, and all time favorite, David Morales, Sincere would later make the transition from DJ to music producer. In 1998, Sincere and fellow college buddy, DJ Baby Cee, came together to form The Souldaddies, with a vision to take underground house to the next level in the Houston area, as well as the world. Look out for new house releases from Sincere and company under the SweetPeaNis, Souldaddies, and eSDeeZ monikers, as well as jungle and downtempo releases under the Blak Flag 7-13 moniker in late 2002 on JoLaMani Recordings.