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Simple Simon

Austin, United States

Open Format


It would be hard for DJ Simple Simon (AKA: Prepmode) to imagine having any other career except music. Born in the same “small town” as John Mellencamp, he was raised in a home where pictures of Jesus and George Jones graced the walls. In a family which provided exposure and appreciation for all types of music, his mother was in a traveling quartet in the 1960’s and his aunt continues to work as a country singer. Whether through lessons or self-taught, Simon spent his youth learning to play multiple instruments, studying the principles, and researching the theories of music structure.

Exposure to early mainstream hip-hop and electronic dance music introduced Simon to the art of turntable mixing and scratching. His interest in these musical techniques led to the beginning of his own career in DJing on belt-driven turntables purchased at a pawn shop. Through practice and playing opening spots at raves and club events throughout the Midwest, Simon developed his skills. Initially playing tracks primarily from the Chicago House movement, he gained recognition, better tables, and high profile bookings including his first gigs overseas.

In college, while working as a record buyer for an independent record shop, Simon began his own promotions company and hosted many events in Indiana (including several not-for-profit events to benefit local charitable organizations) before completing his undergraduate degree in telecommunications. After graduation, he relocated to Rochester, New York. In New York, he acquired six separate club residencies in Rochester and Buffalo. Simon’s success in NY led to an exceptional opportunity to partner with a club owner as both a DJ and promoter back in Indiana.

After returning to Indiana, Simon continued to develop his career by DJing, promoting, and organizing events. His experience gained him his first corporate sponsorship with Simple Shoes, and the honor of working as the US affiliate for both Frozen UK and Tidy Trax. Simon has also held one of the longest running residencies in Indianapolis at Jillia’s Entertainment Complex. He has performed for many corporate sponsored events, tours, and runway fashion shows.

Since embarking on his journey as a DJ, Simon has continually developed his skills. Not just a master mixer, Simon has won and ranked highly in Turntablism competitions including DMC and the Guitar Center SpinOff. His accomplishments in these competitions sparked the interest of the Scratch DJ Academy (started by the legendary Jam Master Jay of Run-DMC). Simon now has the honor of sharing the Scratch Academy roster with other renowned DJs such as: Grandwizard Theodore, Rob Swift, and Craze. Simon’s extensive musical background has also gained him positions performing and recording with bands from various musical disciplines (most recently Rench from Brooklyn, NY).

Simon has now begun the next chapter of his career by producing original tracks and remixes for artists including: Goose, Alexis & Fido, and Darlings of the Splitscreen. In an attempt to escape the harsh Midwest winters, Simon has relocated to Austin, TX based on the kind responses of several Austinites and the known reputation of being the “Live Music Capital of the World”. He continues his work with the Scratch DJ Academy, performing at clubs and special events, and working on new tracks and remixes.